Realtime DataBase Replication between heterogeneous databases on multiple platforms

SmartData: Realtime Database Replication

Multi DB & Multi OS

Replicate data between multiple databases.Heterogeneous Database architecture support and fully OS independent. Connect to any database on different platforms.

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Realtime Replication

Real-time replication of data from and to one or more databases. Keep track of your database changes in realtime without your users even noticing it. Using the replicated databases for BI, Big Data 2nd ERP systems etc. etc.

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Anonymise Data

Possibility to anonymise your data while it is being processed. Using the anonymiser data feature, you are able to deliver data discretion while maintaining the data integrity (eg banks, medical companies etc).

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Full Copy - Init

SmartData is able to copy databases very fast thanks to the multi threading technology it uses. In case of a disaster recovery situation, using Smartdata will maximize your uptime.

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Database replication is now taken to a higher level. SmartData provides in realtime database replication which has never been more easy as from today. Using the SmartData software, it is possible to extract, combine, anonymise and backup data from one database to another in various ways. All by using the user friendly graphical user interface. Independent database architecture and independent operating system support with just a very small footprint on the server. The possibilities are endless. SmartData is part of the Quick-Software-Line software suite from the French company Trader's, known for their state of the art high availability and disaster recovery software solutions.

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The SmartData solution is part of the Quick-Software-Line software suite from the French company Trader's. This software suite is exclusively sold by the QSL Group to business partners in the Benelux, the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Change data capture and replication between heterogeneous and multiple databases are the key features of the SmartData software. 

SmartData can be used to:

  • Consolidate different databases into one centralized datawarehouse
  • Migrate databases
  • Connect your e-commerce applications
  • Test data in a safe environment
  • Offload production database for backup and maintenance

Nowadays, due to the growing possibilities on the internet, access to realtime data at any moment of the day is becoming more and more important for the business. With up to date business critical information companies can predict the behaviour of their customers and prospects more precisely which finally will result in more profitable business and happier customers.

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Who We Are

The QSL GROUP is the exclusively authorized distributor of SmartData (part of the Quick-Software-Line software suite) in the Benelux, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.
They have their own support team with consultants and technical experts that provides in second line support for the Business Partners (24x7).


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